What No One Will Tell You About Raspberry Ketones

raspberry and fat loss

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Before you get caught up in this hullabaloo that is Raspberry Ketone, it is best to have insight and relevant information about what it is what it can and cannot do.

Raspberry Ketone defined

raspberry and fat lossRaspberry Ketone is the chemical composition that gives raspberries their ideal aroma. Previously raspberry ketones were basically used in the food and perfume industries. That is not the case now; this chemical composition is now being sold in the form of supplements.

Raspberry ketone has been flaunted as the weight-loss wonder drug. Manufacturers are purporting that the ketones do a good job in breaking down fat in your body resulting in weight loss without breaking a sweat

Don’t get all excited. Remember “when the deal is too good think twice”.

No scientific study on raspberry ketones carried out on humans

You must be wondering what I mean by this. The truth is that as much as there is a lot of talk about raspberry ketones being the next big thing in weight-loss management, little or nothing is known about its actual effect on human beings.

A number of researches have been done on animals where rats were given some amount of raspberry ketone. These had two results.

  • There was an increased production of adiponectin, a hormone found in the body that assists in fat breakdown. This reduced the fat on the rat.
  • The raspberry ketones caused more body fat to be burned and the rats did not add fat tissue.

This is all very interesting. However… there is nothing to be excited about..unless of course you are a rat. The researches have all been very basic.

Therefore before going all public and convincing everyone that raspberry ketones supplements will make you lose weight effortlessly, it may be wise to wait until there is substantial evidence from research carried out on human beings and not animals.

Does that mean all the stories on TV are lies?

The very moment a TV commercial or program appears purporting that raspberry ketone is able to work like magic to bring the desired weight loss in no time; I would switch channels if I were you.

The reason being: There isn’t evidence supporting these claims and no tests have been carried out as yet on humans to ascertain how safe it is, as well as the amount required to take and the duration of time.

So what should I do?

Before you even get excited and begin using the raspberry ketone supplements, take some time and read through what is on the label of the bottle. You will realize that some information has been left out or is not very clear.

If not convinced about the effect of raspberry ketone to your health, experts advise on taking the long, hard way. A healthy and balanced diet coupled with plenty of exercise will help you lose weight at no risk.

You are toying with the thought. Should I or should I not? The choice is yours, however be informed before trying out a product not 100% proven.